Since 2012, we have been helping companies to scale key operational processes.

Our Mission

We provide strategic and operational consulting and support for initiatives for companies that are looking to bring operations to the next level.

We have the analytic horsepower and operational experience to ensure effective yet practical outcomes.
— Greg Gilbert - Principal

Deep Work. Some recent experiences:

  • Developed core algorithms to determine demand-based consumption value for a Software-as-a-Service provider to the electric utility industry.

  • Implemented an annual product development and evaluation process for a national insurance company

  • Designed processes to support the commonization and automation of field and program activities for an energy conservation company.

  • Commonized and automated core delivery processes for a direct to consumer β€œIOT” technology company

  • Commonized global purchasing processes and established a global center for a public technology company

  • Established a billing platform to support a digitalized customer experience for a Software-as-a-Service provider